Eastern Orthodox Church

Saints Simon and Jude 

  Ancient Orthodox Faith in our Modern World

Welcome to our Parish 

Much of Christianity, which has dominated Western civilization, is often lacking the ancient, rich Eastern forms that provide some of the in-depth mystical and spiritual needs of our times.

Every time we connect with one another in a positive and enlightened way, whether by a smile, by a hug or by conversation, we raise the spark of divinity within ourselves.

Through our acts of divine love in charity and prayer we not only serve our fellow men, but through worship we also manifest God in our midst. We minister to all of God's creation through our belief in healing and reconciliation.

                                                    We invite you to our journey ...

 We come together in the spirit of love, friendship and compassion
We experience the loving God in traditional Orthodox worship and piety
We affirm Christ's acceptance, forgiveness and healing as core values