Eastern Orthodox Christian Church

Saints Simon and Jude 

  Ancient Orthodox Faith in our Modern World

Our church, the oldest extant Orthodox building in Lincoln, was constructed by Ukrainian immigrants in the 1920s and ever since has been used until the parish, Three Hierarchs, had  closed in 2009. After attempts were made to  revitalize the church, it was eventually taken over by the Nebraska Exarchate and its parish, Saints Simon and Jude Eastern Orthodox Christian Church



Saturday Vespers:

5:00 PM (October through March)

6:00 PM  (April through September)

Sunday Liturgy:

12:00 PM

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450 E Street, Lincoln, NE 68508

Major Church Activities Throughout The Year

- Spring Spruce-Up on Holy Saturday (Saturday before Orthodox Easter)

- Summer Solstice BBQ (around June 21st)

- Fall Equinox Bonfire (around September 23rd)

- Trip to a Christmas Market or other Seasonal Event (after Thanksgiving)

Leadership Team

(Rt. Rev.) Mar Melchizedek, Interim Pastor

(Rev.) Deaconess Elizabeth, Cantor

Church Affiliation

Saints Simon and Jude Church is an Orthodox English language parish of the Nebraska Ukrainian Orthodox Exarchate under the canonical jurisdiction of the Eastern Apostolic Church, which follows the Julian Calendar.

“Here we cannot boast of great numbers, neither of renown, nor of wealth, nor of learning  –  all that is valued in this world. We are strong here only in one thing  —  in possessing the true Orthodox faith and that not of yourselves; it is a gift of God (Eph. 2:8), and we should ask the Lord for the increase of this gift. Let them stand fast in Thy Holy Church in the Orthodox Faith.” 

(St. Tikhon, Patriarch of Moscow, speaking on the American Orthodox situation, 1865-1925)


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