Saints Simon and Jude 

  Eastern Christian Church


Much of Christianity, which has dominated Western civilization, is often lacking the rich Eastern forms that provide some of the in-depth mystical and spiritual needs for the faithful. Every time a person connects with another one in a positive and enlightened way, whether by a smile, by a hug or by conversation, they raise the spark of divinity within themselves. Through our acts of divine love in charity and prayer we serve not only our fellow men, but through worship we manifest God in our midst. We also minister to all of God's creation through our belief in healing and reconciliation.

We are founded on the most ancient ideal of Christian life and have inherited much from our Syrian, Byzantine and East Indian Orthodox forefathers. Because our approach to spirituality is a positive, uplifting attitude towards God and neighbor, the Church places the strongest emphasis on the development of the human consciousness through the refinement of ethical behavior. One's behavior toward other beings, whether towards fellow men or towards creation as a whole, is the outer indicator of one's inner spiritual development.  The Gospel truth is not a body of knowledge, but a way of life. We respect and encourage each member's individual journey towards the ideal of spiritual transformation. Where there is less of self, there is indeed more of Christ, who is the divine life and essence of and within every man and woman.

We believe mystical experience is common to all great religions of the world. Obviously, they cannot be claimed as the exclusive possession of any one particular faith. Moving within the realm of Christianity and regarding itself as a distinctive Christian church, it nevertheless holds that the other great religions of the world proceed from a common source, though different religions may stress different aspects of the same divine source. These elements, as facts in nature, rest on their own intrinsic merit. They form that true Orthodox Christian faith which is catholic (universal),  because it is the statement of universal principles.

We do what Jesus did

We come together in Christ's spirit of love, friendship and compassion
We celebrate diversity in unity with an open mind
We affirm acceptance, forgiveness and healing as our core values

The Eastern Church is evangelical but not Protestant. It is orthodox but not Jewish. It is catholic but not Roman. It is not non-denominational but pre-denominational. Since the Day of Pentecost, Orthodoxy has believed, taught, preserved and defended the faith of the Apostles and early church in a continuous, uninterrupted tradition.
Where we stand

Saints Simon and Jude Church is an open and accepting community. We neither support nor participate in discrimination on the basis of skin color, ethnic origin, orientation, nationality, class, marital status, gender and physical condition.